How to use To-Do App offered by Microsoft?

Last Week To-Do, a task management app focused to help users to plan their day was introduced by Microsoft. In 2011 Wunderlist app (a task management app that help user plan their day) was introduced by a startup company 6Wunderkinder, based at Berlin. Later in the year June 2015, Microsoft acquired the company and the folks behind the designing of Wunderlist designed To-Do app. But there is confusion as Wunderlist sponsors are unconfident about the future of this app and it seems that they expect more from Microsoft To-Do.

To-Do list is much more better than Wunderlist, though Wunderlist is one of the famous apps of its times and useful too yet if compared then the recent To-Do app has various features. Lets have a succinct look on the exceptional features of To-Do app and makes it familiar with the users.


  1. How can we use Microsoft To-Do app?

For the non-Wunderlist users, Microsoft has excellently offers to-do list app that comprises of same features in Wunderlist such as Suggestions and With My Day. Integrated Outlook tasks and ability to pick latest features will be seen in the coming future of To-Do list.

  1. To-Do app usage?

The day to day tasks of the user can easily be managed by To-Do app; just like a technologically advance feature that is present in all your devices. Every to-do can be categorized into subcategories and also reminder and due dates can be placed as per users requirements. The entire task list will automatically become visible on Outlook tasks as it is stored on Exchange Online servers. Moreover, the note feature that enables you to schedule what you wish to and can use it afterwards is also provided with every to-do.

  1. Does To-Do is Helpful?

To-Do app is helping the user, as earlier when before opting the task manager app, we used to remember things that at the end we forget and ends up putting ourselves into a big mess. But now, no need to worry as the to-do’s smart suggestion feature will help to manage all your tasks, if any left today it will be shown on tomorrow’s to-do list.

4. How to Import data on the web from other apps?

Luckily, Wunderlist as well as To-Do list is supported by To-Do app. Do as directed by the steps given below to import data:

  • Choose “Import” option from the Setting menu
  • The account from where to import stuff and your login Microsoft account must be same.
  • Choose the data to import
  • Surely choose and import your subtasks as an isolate to-dos
  • Click “Start Importing”
  1. To-Do can be used with which accounts?

I feel hesitant of maintaining segregate credentials and signing up, whenever I begin with a new service. To access my personal apps, I prefer choosing my Facebook account credentials, but to use the To-Do app personal Microsoft Account can be used. You can take help of IT administrator to check the availability of Microsoft To-Do preview and can also to manage your own Microsoft Account if you wish to.

  1. How can your account be configured with Microsoft To-Do?

Microsoft To-Do’s comprises many significant feature; the “sync” feature is also one out of them. You have to login across various devices by using similar account to access task manager. All devices as well as platforms receives the changes within 5 seconds as To-Do updates in every 5 seconds. If due to any reason, you find issues in syncing, do it manually by selecting “Sync” under account settings.

  1. How your password can be reset on Microsoft To-do?

As we all know that there are no different credentials available for Microsoft To-Do app, thus if the user has forgot its password then he can reset it visiting his Microsoft account. If it is an enterprise account then it is advised to take the help of your IT administrator.

  1. Why I receive messages like contact your IT admin?

This can be in any of the following situations; either your license is found to be invalid or you had lost your Business Premium, Business Essentials, Enterprise E1, E3 or E5 license. Moreover to store and synchronous work, an Exchange Online Mailbox is also needed. If message continue to exist, speak to your IT administrators to troubleshoot as they can do it well.

Sometimes your administrator does not permit the To-Do, this is the other possible reason. It also results to the same, if the 0365 Admin center is in “Off” state in the To-Do preview and installation doesn’t carry out until the state turns “On”.

As mentioned before an Exchange Online mailbox is required by the current To-Do preview to store and synchronous work. Hence if a well-matched mailbox is not present with you, the pop-up of the same message will appear again. Exchange Online Kiosk, Exchange Essentials, Exchange Online (P1), Exchange Online POP, Exchange Online Plan 1, Exchange Online (Plan 1) and Exchange Online (Plan 2) are some of the plans get supported when we talk of Exchange.

  1. How to build up a list on To-Do?

You can do it simply by finding and pressing an option ‘+ New List’ under To-Do, My Day and other lists. Now, the list you had created comes with a default name “Untitled list” but you can rename it.

  1. How a deleted To-Do list or task can be restored?

One should be aware of that the lists are offered by both Outlook Tasks as well as Exchange Online. Due to which a deleted list can be easily recovered.

  • Using the similar identification that used on To-Do, sign in to the Windows desktop app.
  • Clicking ctrl + 6, move to the folder list and expand the folder of the deleted items, this enable you to see the tasks or lists that are deleted.
  • Right click on the ‘Deleted Folder’ to restore it then shift the folder to “tasks”.

11.   How My Day and suggestions work?

The To-Do app’s keystone features named My Day and Suggestions are discovered to provide rest to To-Do by concerning and managing main tasks on their own. You can start simply by choosing any of the repetitive tasks of your day that are advised by the smart Suggestions feature. The To-Do’s tasks that are pending will be switched on the subsequent day and the due date notifications in a better way to manage the tasks.

  1. How a background image for a list on the web can be set?

Almost every Wunderlist users aware about this feature. Microsoft To-Do provides you various options like for every To-Do list you can select distinct backgrounds, just by clicking the three dots present at the top and then selecting theme you can change the already existing background, can also make selection out of the 5 illustrated themes or you can apply even a solid background. But the Microsoft To-Do being different from the Wunderlist do not permit to set custom images as a background and this fact will be concerned in the upcoming updates.

However most of the information of Microsoft To-Do app which proves to be biggest substitute for Wunderlist but then also there are several ways a user is not aware about of. To know more about, users should use and explore the tools and the latest added things. Last but the important thing is that for Enterprise users the Microsoft Office Integration proves to be a lucky thing in a covered pack.

This article will help to troubleshoot all your issues regarding use of Microsoft To-Do app.

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