Using Malwarebytes, creates Office 365 Error Message 0x8004FC12

This article will provide an effective solution to those who are experiencing frequent failing of Office 365 in the recent upgraded Windows 10 creators update.Observing the upgraded Windows 10, it was found that in some situations, whenever we open Microsoft Office 365 app, it again and again impels the users for re-activation. On the other hand, display an error: “We’re sorry something went wrong and we can’t do this for you right now. Please try again later (0x8004FC12)” message, whenever a valid product key as the input is provided.

Office 365 Error Message 0x8004FC12

The fact that Microsoft users are not able to open and utilize any of the Microsoft Office applications like Excel, Word, etc., is accepted and reported by the company.

People using Malwarebytes antivirus program encounters the persisting issues. It do not allow the users to insert any image from Word and copy the large amount of data from one app or file to another app or file respectively, example: copy , paste from Excel to Word.Additionally, users are not permitted to save their file locally or to a network share, following message is displayed.

Try the following, if the problem is disturbing you.  

Disable Office app’s protection

The issue occurs because of the incompatibility of the Anti- exploit module present in Malwarebytes Antivirus program. To eliminate this follow the below procedure;

  • Start Malwarebytes and thenfrom the left pane, select the ‘setting tab’
  • Now from the top pane, select the protection tab visible here. Choose the “Manage Protected Applications” option presents below it. 
  • Here, Scroll your mouse across the Protected Applications Window to search Microsoft Office PowerPoint and turn off the protection /click disable,if found.
  • Press OK, finally.

Please concern; though all other Office applications also follow the same steps yet here the information is provided only for Microsoft Office PowerPoint. Remember, some functionality of Malwarebytes will get affected on disabling the protection. Hence, the users those are not bothered about can continue and disable the protection for other apps of Office too.

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